Engage Art Contest

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Engage Art Contest is a juried competition asking participants to submit original visual art, music and video that is informed by Ephesians 6:10-20. The pilot contest ran from mid February 2018 through September 2018 and was open to anyone 18 or over living in North or South Carolina. A North America and Caribbean version of the contest will run in 2019.

The Engage Art Contest seeks to mine the deep vein of artistic creativity around a Biblical theme that is both laser-focused and eternal by asking participants to submit music, visual art, and video entries. The scripture focus of Ephesians 6:10-20 is about a spiritual battle that has raged from before recorded history until the present moment. Humans play a part in this confrontation between Good and Evil. The Word of God is meant to aid us in this endeavor, providing both our offense and our defense, critical information, a playbook, inspiration, direction, sanctuary, and fortification.

The competition invites everyone, including novice and professional artists, to submit original work. Winners will receive cash prizes. Many more artists will receive ongoing promotion. Submitted artwork may be used to help others understand and reflect on the spiritual battle, their own lives, and scripture. Those considering entering the competition must download the Engage Art Contest mobile app, register your name and email, and stay connected with it (at least until we announce the winners for the competition). Through it, you will be offered ongoing artistic and spiritual nourishment as well as inspiration to help seed their creative work. 

We offered more than $25,000 in total cash prizes for the winners of the 2018 Engage Art Contest, but all creatives know that exposure is also important. All artists rated “distinguished” will be showcased on our site. In addition, we will actively seek to reach other artists, ministries, churches, youth groups, and everyday people, who can be influenced by what you create. You will be able to offer the work you enter into the contest for sale, as well as provide services like performing for an event, conducting a workshop, or speaking.

2018 Contest Cash Prizes: 
  • 1st Place Visual - $3,500 | 1st Place Music - $3,500 | 1st Place Video - $3,500
  • 2nd Place Visual - $1,700 | 2nd Place Music - $1,700 | 2nd Place Video - $1,700
  • 3rd Place Visual - $850 | 3rd Place Music - $850 | 3rd Place Video - $850
  • Runner-ups (seven total per category): $350 each

The 2019 North America and Caribbean contest will reward $100,000 US in cash prizes. 

Submissions Must Include: 
  • An artist statement
  • Credits for each team member
  • Explanation of how artwork responds to Ephesians 6:10-20
Anyone 18 or over, anywhere in the Carolinas can enter.

Artists who took part in the 2018 Carolinas contest will have to re-submit entries to be entered into the 2019 continental contest.

Engage Art isn’t simply a contest for the Christian community, but for anyone who’s interested in communicating a vision for these verses. You do not have to be a professional, you don't even have to be an artist and entering is free.

Jurying Criteria

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Engage Art Contest