The Engage Art Contest is a juried competition for original visual art, music video, film and performing arts. The theme of our contest is the Spiritual Battle described in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses. You can develop your artwork to illuminate any part of the Ephesians passage or any other Scripture, as long as you can relate it back to that passage in some way. There is no requirement to use war imagery.

The Engage Art Contest seeks to mine the deep vein of artistic creativity around a scriptural theme that is both laser-focused and eternal. The Spiritual Battle has raged from before recorded history until the present moment. Humans play a critical and sometimes unwitting part in this confrontation between Good and Evil. The Word of God is meant to aid us in this endeavor, providing both our offense and our defense, critical information, a playbook, inspiration, direction, sanctuary, and fortification.

Artists from all backgrounds have taken inspiration from the Christian Scriptures for millennia, and this contest is for anyone who’s interested in using the arts to engage the themes around the Spiritual Battle. The current contest is open to everyone in North America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, all the Central American countries and the islands in the Caribbean. It will run from June 1, 2019, to midnight on May 31, 2020.

We invite everyone—novice to professional—to submit original work. Each Artist may enter two entries in each category for free; the third and subsequent entries in each category will cost $125/entry. Ten (10) winners in each category will receive cash prizes. Many more artists will receive ongoing promotion. The artwork you submit may be used to help others understand and reflect on the Spiritual Battle, their own lives, and Scripture. To enter, you must download the free Engage Art Contest mobile app, register with the same name and email you will use to enter the contest, and stay connected throughout the contest and jurying period. Through the app, you will be offered ongoing artistic and spiritual nourishment, inspiration to help seed your creative work, and contest updates.

Total cash prizes of $100,000 will be awarded in the 2019-2020 Engage Art Contest in North America. There are also significant exposure opportunities for all entrants who follow the contest guidelines. These artists will be rated “distinguished” and will have a page dedicated to their submission on our site, where they can offer that work as well as other goods and services for sale and drive traffic to their own websites. All sales will take place directly between the buyer and the artist. Some entries and artists will be showcased on our website and in our social media. In addition, we will actively seek to reach other organizations, ministries, churches, youth groups, and everyday people who can be influenced by what you create and may want you to create more of it for them. All exposure opportunities are free.

2019-2020 Contest Cash Prizes 

$25,000 Per Category (Visual Art, Music Video, Film and Performing Arts)

  • $10,000 - 1st Place
  • $5,000 - 2nd Place
  • $3,000 - 3rd Place 
  • $1,000 - Honorable Mentions (seven per category)

Anyone 18 or over, anywhere in North America can enter.

Artists who took part in the 2018 Carolinas contest will have to re-submit entries to be entered into the 2019 North America continental contest. Younger people can be part of a team, as long as: 

  • they have permission from their parent or guardian.
  • there is at least one team member 18 or over to act as the legal Entrant.

Submissions Must Include: 

  • Contact information and confirmation of eligibility
  • An artist bio
  • Art files (400 mb file size limit; visual art–up to 5 images; all videos-up to 5 minutes)
  • Title, Medium/Genre, Dimensions (for Visual Art), Instrumentation and Lyrics (for Music Videos) and Description
  • Explanation of how artwork illuminates the Spiritual Battle/relates to Ephesians 6:10-20
  • Credits for each team member

Optional submission information includes: 

  • Company/Organization
  • Website
  • Bios of each team member
  • Online link to video for all video submissions
  • Poster Art or Cover Art Image for all video submissions
  • Purchase information for Entry or a copy of it
  • Other goods or services for sale, and contact information to get more information or purchase

Jurying Criteria

Terms and Conditions / Contest Rules

1st, download the Engage Art mobile app, register with the same name and email you use here, and stay connected throughout the contest/jurying period. Second, review Ephesians 6:10-20, which should inform your submission. And third, submit your visual art, music video, film and/or performing arts video.

We are looking for excellent examples of visual art that illuminates Scripture. 

We plan to use the images in an educational tool for the Engage Art Contest—a deck of cards with a game based on matching the scripture and artist statement to the image of the work. The goal is to have many and a large variety of excellent examples of Scripture-based art. There is no financial remuneration for being included in this collection, but you will be sent a deck of the cards if your work is featured.

Please download the Engage Art mobile app, register with the same name and email you use here, and stay connected throughout the contest/jurying period. 

The Engage Art Contest is rooted in the Word of God—and yet no part of the contest lifts up the art of the written word. We’re changing that right now! Or is it write now?

Engage Art Write is a new monthly contest on the topic of “Why Art Matters.” Specifically, we are interested in why art in its various forms is valuable to people and institutions of faith. So, all you creative and masterful writers … why does art matter? Submissions entered between the first day and the last day of each month (April 2019 through May 2020), will be eligible for a $200 monthly prize, and each winner will qualify for a contest between all the monthly winners.

Engage Art Write 2019-2020 is open to anyone in North America, and each person can submit up to 2 entries per month, up to 500 words each.

Engage Art Contest