Engage Art Contest

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Engage Art Contest is a juried competition for original Visual Art, Music Video, Film and Performing Arts. The topic is the Spiritual Battle described in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses. The current contest's deadline has been extended until June 30, 2020, and is open to people 18 or older who live in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean) with $100,000US in cash prizes!

Download/sign-up in our mobile app, which will help you engage Scripture (including our contest topic). Separately register here, in our contest submission portal, where you submit images of your visual art and digital versions of your music video, short film or performing arts video. Use the same email to register in both places. 

For further details about the contest, prize specifics, languages other than English, Jurying Criteria and more, visit the Contest Summary Page on our site.

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If you are having trouble submitting your entry, Submittable (our contest platform) recommends that you:

  1. Use a computer, if possible (as opposed to a mobile device). 
  2. Use either the Firefox or Google Chrome browser. 

If you need more assistance, contact Submittable directly with a Live Chat on their Help Site (https://www.submittable.com/contact/) or email them at support@submittable.com. Submittable will be able to help you in ways that Engage Art can’t, because we don’t have access to the technical aspects of the platform software.

In addition, please let Engage Art know if you are having trouble submitting at info@EngageArt.org so we are aware and can make allowances for technical difficulties.

Engage Art Contest